Rafael Espinal Nominated By Conservative, Republican Parties

I thought that was a bit strange, so I called up Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar. Kassar told me that Espinal has accepted the nomination, and that “He shares a lot of our positions on values.” Espinal met with the executive committee of the Brooklyn Conservative Party twice, and told them that he is anti-abortion. Furthermore, Kassar told me:

"We asked him about his position on same-sex marriage… He opposed same-sex marriage. This was before it passed, but he told us he would vote against it."

According to Kassar, Espinal also “appreciates our concern about out-of-control spending.”

I’ve been told that the state Board of Elections has sent out a notice to the campaigns listing the parties that each candidate is running under, and that Espinal is listed under the Democratic, Republican, and Conservative parties. I’m waiting on calls back from the Brooklyn Republican Party and Rafael Espinal’s campaign, and I’ll update as soon as I can get comments from those sources.

UPDATE 1 (12:24 PM): Here’s a Google Doc listing the different candidate’s parties. Espinal has accepted nomination for the Democratic, Republican, and Conservative parties, and is also attempting to have his own line, “United We Can.” Gonzalez is on the WFP, and Deidra Towns is trying to petition onto the ballot with her “Community First” party. The Independence and Green Parties declined to nominate anyone.